Monster High Deuce Gorgon

Monster High Deuce Gorgon

Monster High Deuce Gorgon - image 1


Monster High Deuce Gorgon, is friendly and outgoing. Always ready to welcome newcomers and helped Frankie on her first day.

When Jackson Jekyll was new, Deuce invited him to sit down with him and his friend Heath at lunch. 

Deuce is one of the most popular monsters around Monster High. He is very sport and is one of the captains of the casketball team.

He had a secret, he loved to cook, maybe he thought it was not manster enough. His girlfriend is Cleo de Nile, and he is loyal to her. He tolerates a lot of her bad behavior, and he tries to keep her happy.

His mother is Medusa Gorgon, and his eyes can turn you to stone. He wears sun glasses to prevent turning everyone into stone.

He describes his family life as complicated. His best bud is Heath Burns and is cool with Jackson Jekyll and  Operetta. Manny Taur also falls under his list of friends.

Deuce has a two-tailed rat as a pet, he named the pet  Perseus. 

Because of his cool demeanor, sense of humor, and good looks, made him a good catch. He was Frankie Stein’s first crush, Operetta and Rochelle also tried to steal him from Cleo but did not stand a chance.

Monster High Deuce Gorgon - pet



I could not find any figures for Perseus. If I do I will add it.





Monster High Deuce Gorgon Vinyl Figure

Monster High Deuce Gorgon i vinyl figure


Deuce is the first of the Monster High vinyl figure mansters. He is so cool with his over-sized snake hair and clear shades. There is another variation of him where he is wearing dark shades. Those seem to be more common.

Now we can see his gore-geous eyes. He has a little skull on his bracelet. Floating like squares on his pants and checkerboard shoes. His shoes are connected at the back to help maintain the balance.

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Monster High Vinyl Venus Figure Review

Monster High Vinyl Venus Figure

Monster High Vinyl Venus Figure

Venus is a plant monster, and an eco punk girl. She has mind controlling abilities and is described as chaotic, “loud and in your face” kinda girl. Well that is one persona, the other is down-to-earth who enjoys her high scholar life. Her vinyl figure is part of the third wave.

She is so detailed  and colorful, there is a lot of intricate detailing on her leggings and top, even her mouth has some teeth on. She has teeth painted on her shoes and the vines on her legs and arms. I just love the hair, I do not think these dolls would have looked so awesome without their hair.

They come in cute boxes that have a skullette shaped window in front and at the back, and there is some artwork on the one side. Their name is written on the side in the main color of the doll. The boxes are great for you to display your doll in if you do not want to take them out.

Her long hair and big feet help her stand and not topple over at the slightest touch. Her short hair has a fuzzy look to it but it is plastic. Her face looks like the younger version of her, when she was 6-8 years, but she still looks great. Every figure has a different pose. Venus has a “Ta Da Here I am ” pose.

She is wearing her signature outfit with the words “eco punk” and skullette on her dress. Over the dress is a blue denim top, her leggings are pink, black and a little bit of yellow. Her is yellow with a green tinge to it, with some pink streaks in. Her boots are pink with some white stitching and gold laces, and at the bottom is the Venus flytrap teeth.


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Draculaura Powder Room Playset With Exclusive Doll

Monster High Draculaura Powder Room Playset With Exclusive Doll

monster high draculaura powder room playset with exclusive doll2.1gif

Monster High Draculaura Powder Room Playset With Exclusive Doll – This comes from the Dead Tired collection and is exclusive to Toys R Us and their distributors.

The best place for Draculaura to rest is her powder room. Draculaura is getting ready for a bath and has tied up her hair. She is wearing bow earrings, silver-grey eye-shadow, and rosy pink lipstick. Her robe is black with different shades of pink bats, it is held closed by a pink ribbon. 

She is wearing black slippers. She does not come with a stand. Her coffin vanity is very detailed and has a basin with bat-wing taps that can move. The mirror is heart shaped and I photo-shopped the glass of the mirror, the mirror is not reflective. It has a picture of her bathrobe and earrings, as she cannot see her own reflection.

On the side of mirror is bat-wings. The counter top is pink. The coffin is a cabinet that can open. Her bathtub is pink with a white rim. There is a little shelf next to mirror for her fangbrush and fangpaste.

On the outside of the bathtub is black bat-wings, the legs of the tub is black bat feet. On the foot end is a big pink heart with a bow at the bottom.

The taps on the bathtub is black and can also be moved. On the head side of the bath is another heart. She has a black towel with pink and white stripes on the one end.  She has the letter  D monogrammed on with wings around the letter.

The bath-tray is pink with bat-wings on either side. Count Fabulous is included with the set and sits on the tray while Draculaura is bathing. She has a fangbrush and fangpaste, and a bottle of soap or bubble-bath.

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Monster High Dolls Accessories Review

Here are some Monster High Dolls Accessories that will enhance your child’s play or for you to build your own Monster Village. 

Monster High Boo York, Boo York Astranova and her Floatation Station Play Set

Monster High Dolls Accessories


Inspired by the movie BooYork BooYork, as you will see on her box. Astranova comes with her floatation device. She really floats when under her comet. 

Astronova is the daughter of the comet aliens, so the surface of her skin  looks like crystals. She is not assembled so you will have to assemble her your self, but it super easy. Have a screwdriver handy and 5 AA batteries that are required.

The playset is really detailed. the skyline is put together by just clipping the parts in. It looks like the skyline is on some clouds, and the building is black and has crystal details. Astronova’s comet pillar comes out from the back of the building and hold the comet in front. The comet is purple and and has crystal detailing. It has lights in it that you can switch on.

Astronova is either dark purple or lilac in color. Both colors are beautiful but the dark purple is how she appears in the movie. Her eyes are big and are surrounded by white spots, her lipstick is a light purple and is shiny. 

She is wearing a blue headdress on her head with silver crystal pieces on the sides. Her hair is dark purple on top with silver streaks and the bottom has a light purple feather look.

She has a pink neck piece that goes around her neck and down to her middle and makes a belt. Her dress is a white with a blue shine to it, it has silver detailing on. On both her arms she is wearing silver armbands. The boots are a translucent pink and detailed. She wears two capes at the back. one is white and the other is purple.

To get her to float you need to put the guitar that comes with, against the comet. Then you put her against the guitar and once the lights come on, remove the guitar, she will float.

Monster High Dolls Accessories 

Monster High Freak du Chic Circus Scaregrounds and Rochelle Goyle Doll Playset

Monster High Dolls Accessories - circus

Monster High Dolls Accessories

This set is from the Freak du Chic collection and features the Scaregrounds with Rochelle Goyle. It needs to be assembled, but it is easy peezy, with just a few push-in and you are done.

There is a headband with a joker hat on, a yellow pair of glasses with a big red nose attached, a purple mask with a piece hanging down to hold, a mustache, and a black old fashioned camera with a flash, you can open it at the back and it has a film inside. 

Rochelle Goyle has pink and black hair, black at the bottom and pink on top. Her makeup is pink and blue, little lines are below her eyes like that of a clown or mime. 

Her collar is blue and ruffled like a clowns’. Her dress has white and black stripes with a pink brooch that is a flower with a face inside. The skirt of her dress is puffed out and has coffins going around it. 

On the back is an extra piece of skirt that is longer than her dress skirt. It has pink and black stripes and cut into points at the bottom. Her shoes are pink with a bow on the side. Her gargoyle wings are hidden a little by her hair.  

She does not come with a stand. There is a tightrope, a swing that can move, a funhouse mirror, a strongman photo-booth, a stage, 

There is a post Amazon Monster High Doll House that features a few dollhouses and some a Lego playset.

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Monster High Doll Amanita Nightshade - collage

Monster High Doll Amanita Nightshade Review

Monster High Doll Amanita Nightshade-dollimage1

I must say that her box art is really cool, then I must I am not very happy about the leafy eyelashes on the bottom. It seems to be swallowed up by the black ink. From a distance it does not look like leaves, it looks more like a black pattern. They should have used less black or at least thinner lines. 

She has her icoffin already in her hand, I think she takes a selfie every second she is not busy. Nightshade or Death Cap is a mushroom that is highly toxic (like her personality). 

Her box is filled with pictures of herself, all from the same angle but slightly zoomed in or out more. Well it all about her I suppose.

 Some people were upset that Amanita looked a lot like Venus, and thought that they shared the same face mold. However, the slope of Amanita’s nose is different, it is a lot pointier than Venus’s and their ears are different. 

She comes with her stand, brush and diary. She does not come with a pet which should come as no surprise as she does not want your attention divided. All your attention must be on her and her only. If you have other Monster High Dolls, prepare them, let them know that they will not be getting any more attention from you.

Her purple blue (purblue) hair is amazing, or is it blue purple (blurple), maybe we should ask Frankie. On the side of her head she has a black flower with vines hanging from them. Her lips are a lilac color and looks soft. 

Her earrings are black and she is wearing a black bracelet with a matching necklace. She has ankle-bracelets on that has a purple flower and green vines and leaves hanging from it.

Amanita is wearing a light purple dress that comes down to a leaf and vine print at the bottom. The collar of the dress is a black ruffle, and the short sleeves feature a  black leather like detail. The dress opens at the back, and but Velcro sticks it together. 

Monster High Doll Amanita Nightshade Review dresstop

The bottom of this dress is not hemmed and is cut into jagged edges. Purple ruffles hang down on the skirt of the dress. Underneath Amanita’s dress she is wearing a one-piece tube top dress. The top portion is green with a leaf print and the bottom is faux leather. 

The shoes are black and the heels have a lot of detail on them. Her purse is black and can open.

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Amanita Nightshade Monster High

Amanita Nightshade Monster High

Amanita Nightshade Monster High - image2g

Amanita Nightshade Monster High – the bad seed of the Corpse Flower. Nefera was given a Corpse flower which is a rare flower and when her family was entombed she had the flower with her. When her family wake up the flower turns into Nightshade. 

Before that she belonged to a Tiki tribe who worshiped her. She becomes more demanding from the tribe and to punish them for not providing what she wanted, she went back to her flower form.

While she was with Nefera as a flower she heard a lot of things that she should not have heard. Due to this she was able to help the De Nile family from turning to sand, by warning them that they must always wear some the wrappings or they would turn to sand.

She promises to get them help when they see a caravan pass by, she is the only one that can get out. She leaves and never sends help or goes back. While she is with the caravan she demands that they all worship her. She disrespected their rules and drunk most of Medusa’s stored water.

Medusa was angry with her and told her that she had to pay for all of the water she drank. If she could not pay for the water then she had to treat the camels for 31 days. Amanita decides that this is not for her and returns to the form of the flower again.

She goes to sleep for another 1300 year nap and awakes in Monster High’s Greenhouse. A party was thrown in honor of the corpse flower bloom night. Everyone is surprised to she Amanita Nightshade 

Amanita Nightshade Monster High – Personality

Bad seed, bad seed, what are you going to do when she comes for you?

Amanita believes she is the most beautiful monsters to have ever existed, and thinks everyone is in wonderment of her beauty. Although it is true that she is beautiful on the outside, she is grotesque on the inside. 

Selfish and narcissistic sums her up nicely. She refers to herself in the third monster and believes everyone is there to serve her. She is offended when she is not obeyed and it does not take long before she is friendless.

She is so self absorbed that she does not realize how loathsome she is. She loves to “borrow” other monsters things and considers she is entitled to do so. 

Amanita Nightshade Monster High – Appearance

Amanita has two forms: her Corpse Flower self and her Bad Seed form.

Bad Seed: As the Bad Seed of The Corpse flower she is a humanoid plant monster and has a light green skin, wavy long dark blue and purple hair. Her eyelashes look like small leaves. She has lilac eyes with a green tone to them. She likes to dress in fanciful, classy dresses that have leaf and plant patterns.

Corpse Flower: As a Corpse Flower she has massive purple outer petals and smaller internal ones. She has green vines and a green seed like thing on the top of the flower structure. When the flower blooms the green seed jumps out and the petal fall down to the ground, exhibiting a flower shape.

Amanita Nightshade Monster High – Abilities

Perfume: While she’s a flower, and presumably when she’s a seed too, Amanita seems to be able to control others actions through her scents, like she did to Nefera de Nile when she lured her to take her to the tomb or how she emitted Fowl smell to keep Cleo away from her.

Corpse Flower: She can turn from her Corpse Flower state to her Seed State every 1300 years. When she blooms, she can chose to retract whenever she wants to. All she has to do is enter the flower again and the petals will close. Once she goes back to her Corpse Flower State she will remain like this until her next bloom, 1300 years after.

Phytokinesis: Amanita can command biological life, like vines and she uses it to her ultimate desire, normally to steal things. She used vines to escape Cleo’s pyramid tomb.

Amanita Nightshade Monster High – Family

I cannot find anybody on her family tree, I cannot even find a family tree for her. The only conclusion I can come to, is that Amanita does not have a family. she is the product of a flower. She has a pet maggot, and she sees him as insignificant as she has not bothered to name him.

Amanita Nightshade Monster High – Friends

Amanita does not have any friends besides she sees herself as her best friend. Nefera de Nile and her where once good friends while Amanita was a flower.

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Skelita Monster High Character

Skelita Monster High image glitter

Skelita Calaveras – Skelita Monster High Character 

Skelita Monster High – The Spanish meaning = Skelita “skeleton” and “Calaveras” = “skull” or “little female skeleton.”  If you know anything about Día de los Muertos ( Day of the Dead), you will know why Skelita’s face is decorated so bootifully.

Skelita’s peaceful and compassionate nature has the ability to win the hearts of many Monster High students. She is very proud of her ancestry, and her favorite celebration is El Dia de Los Muertos.

Her family, gives her strength when she feels insecure. She is a family-oriented monster and wants them to be proud of her. She has a sensibility to the art and is very creative.

She comes from Campasuchill in Hexico. She made friends with Clawdeen Wolf and Jinafire Long and decided to leave all she loves behind and move to  Boonighted States of Scaremerica to continue her studies at Monster High.

Skelita Monster High Character – Appearance

Skelita is a skeleton, except for her face. Her face is decorated like the sugar skull tradition. She has thick black hair with a blue streak on the right side and marigold streaks on the left. Her eyes are big and brown and has lines on her lips and around her mouth.

Her nose is so cute with a black spot and swirls coming down below her cheekbones. She has simplistic flowers underneath her eyes that change color according the color of her makeup.

She dresses in a classical dress that has some Mexican imagery. She likes to show her heritage through her choice of clothes.

Skelita Monster High Character - skelita body Skelita Monster High face decorated

Photos christinaarticulates

Her mother, father, younger brother, grandfather and grandmother are part of her family. Her grandfather is in the mariachi band. She has an aunt named Catrina and we know only about one cousin.

Some of her ancestors include a witch doctor in the Mayan era, and one of her grandmothers has appeared in “Scare-itage”. Skelita loves her grandmother very much and wants to follow in her footsteps.

She says that her grandmother and her are a lot alike and have the same interests. Her grandmother has entrusted her with a special family heirloom, a necklace made from volcanic gems. 

Jinafire Long and Clawdeen Wolf are her friends. She is a little careful around Clawdeen as she is made of bones and Clawdeen is a werewolf. 

Her family has a skeletal dog but Skelita has a pet butterfly named Nati. She also says she has millions of pets, and that is the Monarch butterfly (mariposas), and she gets to see them each winter. The butterflies migrate each winter to Hexico.

Monster High Character – Special Powers

Skelita has what is know as bone perception, when anything major is going to happen she feels it in her bones. She gets chills through her bones that is very uncomfortable. Although she gets these chills, she cannot say what or when it will happen. 

A skill she is very good at, is tailoring and she is very fast. A dress is perfectly made within seconds. She loves sugar skulls and hates it when monsters do not look after the graves of family. She feels that in doing so it shows that you have forgotten where you come from.

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Skelita Monster High skullette




Frankie Stein Monster High

Frankie Stein Monster High logo glitter

Monster High Frankie Stein glitter photo

Frankie Stein Monster High – Her Story

Frankie Stein Monster High is 15 days old. She attends Monster High School. She was created by her parents (Viveka and Viktor Stein), they created her to be a teenager. Frankie is a simulacrum, meaning that her body is made from many different parts.

Play a game at the bottom of the page.

She lives with her parents in a house that can only be described as a cross between a “Swiss chalet and a research lab.”  Her parents moved from Germany to the monster side of New Salem many years ago. 

New Salem is a town in the USA, where both humans and monsters live, just on different sides.  New Salem contains two high schools: a high school for the local humans called New Salem High, and an international high school for monsters, called Monster High. 

Since she is only 15 days and has so much to learn, see and experience. She is like a little girl in a big girls’ body. Frankie is naive and finds everything fascinating, and there is so much to discover.

She is willing to explore new things and willing to befriend anyone who wants to be her friend. Since she has no knowledge of social stigmas, she excepts the strangeness of others and will stand up to any form of discrimination or bullying of others. 

Being new to the world she has yet to set boundaries and is impressionable. She turned to teen magazines, to guide her on how to dress and what is right and wrong. However as time passes she grows more confident about who she is.

Her friends find her a bit of a chatterbox but she is positive and full of unlife. Unfortunately she tends to speak before thinking, making accusations that are not always correct. She has yet to learn that unlife is not always black and white like her favorite colors.

Frankie Stein Monster High – Appearance

Frankie Stein Monster High - shocking glitter

Despite the fact that she is made up from different parts, her parents made her to look like a typical teen. Frankie loves black and white so there is no surprise in her hair being black and white streaked hair, but it was inspired by the Bride of Frankenstein, as her mother’s hair is similar. 

Big eyes catch your attention immediately, and one eye is green and the other is blue.  Like all the monsters she has flawless skin, and is mint-chip ice cream green in color. She has the perfect figure and looks boodacious in anything.

There is stitching all over her body where she had been sewn together. At times her body sometimes comes apart at the most inappropriate times. When she gets excited the bolts in her neck are electrified.

When trying out for the fearleading team, her arm flew off and landed right in front of the most creeporific monster at school. She was mortalfied.

Frankie Stein Monster High – Abilities 

Frankie is an incredibly powerful monster as she can create and control electricity. Sometimes on purpose but many times by accident.

The two bolts can switch and reverse her polarity. This magnetizes her body, and she can attract things with magnetic proportions, towards her. She only found out she can do this in Bad Scare Day.

She can create fire, this is known as pyrokinesis. All she has to do is rub her hands together, and direct the charge from it to the place she wants the fire. She can also stop time even though she does it accidentally, this is known as Chronokinesis

She can detach her body parts and control them at a distance, this sometimes happens accidentally and has embarrassed her at times. Her body can detach at anytime.

Her friends are Jason Jekyll, Draculaura and Clawdeen Wolf. Draculaura took her under her wing when she noticed how lonely Frankie was. Their interests and personalities are very similar so the two hit it off right away.

Frankie and Jason became friends when she stopped Manny Taur from bulling Jason. Frankie met Clawdeen through Draculaura, and the two liked each other. Clawdeen however is not very accepting of Frankie’s antics, but still is a loyal friend.

Frankie Stein Monster High face2 glitter

Frankie Stein Monster High – Character 

Frankie can create life and created Hoodude Voodoo to be her boyfriend. She and Jason created the Gingerbread boy as part of a Home Ick finals project. 

As her body keeps detaching, so she has learnt to do some sewing and tailoring. It is a skill that has become very handy when creating life as well. 

She loves to wear black and white stripes and even though she is still very young she is into fashion. She is the most stylish monster at Monster High.

She is talented at cheer-leading and enjoys it very much. Being part of the Fearsquad enables her to help more monsters, and this makes her very happy.

She has no favorite food as yet, she still has to try out a lot of different foods. She has a pet something named Watzit. He is a combination of many types of pets and his licence is a whopping 10 pages long.

She enjoys History as it helps her to understand where her friends come from. Needless to say swimming is not her favorite lesson as she shorts out when wet, this causes her to say silly things that embarrasses her.

The one thing she hates the most is, when her father bounces into the room every morning shouting ‘It’s alive’.

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monster high frankie stein slullette


Frankie, Lagoona Blue and Draculaura are having a  pajama party. Care to join them? Begin by selecting some colorful pajamas for each cutie pie here.

Browse through the collection of pajamas with playful prints or garnished with super feminine details like lace, ruffles or bows and then select your favorites to first dress up Frankie Stein, then Draculaura and Lagoona Blue!

Complete the chosen slumber party looks with a matching pair of slippers. Once you’re done you can then go to the second page of the game to see what happens next: Draculaura wakes up in the middle of the night with this crazy idea to cover the other two girl’s faces in a funny design.

Of course you are going to help her out with it and even more… she’s going to draw something of your choice. Capture the final picture of your Monster High Slumber Party and feel free to share it on DressUpWho’s Facebook wall!

Cleo De Nile Monster High

Cleo De Nile Monster High cleo header

Cleo De Nile Monster High - Icon Cleo_de_Nile glitter

Cleo De Nile Monster High – History

I am the queen of glitz and glam
I’m for real I’m no sham
I’m the queen of style
I’m Cleo de Nile

Cleo De Nile Monster High – So she has an over inflated ego but being a real princess, it is to be expected. Let us go back 5 800 years, to when Cleo was a little girl. Her father, Ramses de Nile was the pharaoh of Egypt. After he died, he founded a new empire, and ruled over the shabti or shawabti. He marries, Nefera and Cleo are born. 

Their father spares no effort or expense on getting the best for them. One day a delegation from another country arrive and gives Nefera a corpse flower, telling her that it is a rare treasure that can only be given to royalty.

Her uncle overthrows her father’s empire and her father takes his two daughters and flees underground. Nefera took the corpse flower with her. Ramses de Nile had a magic cloth, that would keep the family safe until Ramses followers dealt with the usurper.

What Ramses did not know is that, he had no loyal followers left and that the magic cloth he was given would keep them asleep forever. For some unknown reason they awoke 1 300 years later.

They were stuck in their hiding place and could not get out. One day an  earthquake damaged the hiding place, and created a hole just big enough to let the sunlight in. 

At this time the corpse flower awakes, she tells them that she is Amanita Nightshade. She explains that they were asleep for 1 300 years, they were no longer part of the human world and had to join the monster world. 

4 500 years later the de Nile family settled in Boonighted States of Scaremerica. They were able to regain their wealth through a large collection of magical artifacts that only works for them.

They have  over 10 000 shabti servants, the sisters return to their lavish and spoiled life. Cleo easily adapts to her monster life, and goes to Monster High. The monsters at school are very aware of her royal heritage and she is very popular.

Cleo De Nile Monster High – Personality

Cleo De Nile Monster High framed image glitter

You want to be me, You can’t be me, You’ll never be me, So get over it. This is Cleo’s words in her diary. She is selfish, spoiled, and arrogant, and sees the other monsters as common folk.

Despite her royal attitude, she is caring, kind, and a thoughtful ghoul. She expects everyone to treat her like a princess, she is aware that she is lucky to have friends around her that allow her to flourish.

You won’t believe that behind that queenly facade, she is not as confident as she pretends to be. She hides this by being bossy and making fun of other ghouls. 

Ghoulia Yelps is her best friend, she sometimes take advantage of her and treats her like a personal assistant. Her boyfriend is Duece Gorgon. She is the Queen of the student body and the captain of the Fear Squad. She does a good job with the support of her friends. 

Cleo can work with others if it suits her, and she can take the lead. Her competitive nature and her status won’t let her take orders from others.

One of her strong points is that she is an extremely effective organizer, her weak point is, she does not learn from her mistakes. She is forever dodging responsibility and trying to control others. Cleo likes to speak her mind even if the hearer does not like it.

Cleo De Nile Monster High – Appearance

Cleo looks more human than mummy, and she shows her Egyptian royalty in the way she dresses. Her thick black hair has golden highlights, with streaks of blue, teal or purple, depending on her outfit.

She prefers long hair, that she hangs loosely but she will wear a shoulder-length haircut just for a change.  She has light blue eyes,and her tan skin is flawless. Her eyes are always surrounded by thick black winged eyeliner. She wears a blue gem on her right cheek.

No matter what she is wearing she has to wear at least one burial wrapping on her. If she does not wear burial wrapping she will turn into dust. 

She likes gold and often wears different shades of yellow, blue-to-teal, very seldom does she wear purple or red. Cleo likes to wear large gems and scarabs, lotuses, snakes and pyramids or triangles.

Her favorite food is grapes. She hates it when someone disobeys her. She is afraid of the dark. Her friends are Ghoulia Yelps, Clawdeen Wolf, Frankie Stein and Deuce Gorgon.

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Lagoona Blue Monster High

Lagoona Blue Monster High Icon_-_Lagoona_Blue glitter image

Lagoona Blue Monster High

Lagoona is the daughter of the sea monster Wade Blue, and an ocean nymph. Her home is the Great Scarrier Reef from “down under“. Her name means lagoon and sometimes she is teased and called “blue lagoon” or “Luguna Beach.”

Lagoona loves sushi, and anything to do with water. Just splashing around in the ocean makes her happy. She is a level-headed and laid-back monster, and spends a lot of time in the ocean or the school’s swimming pool. Lagoona enjoys surfing and is known as the surfer girl at school and is the school swimming captain.

Lagoona Blue Monster High – Appearance

Pale blue scales cover her body completely and has webbed hands. Her arms and legs have fins growing out of them. She has curly blonde hair, streaked with blue that comes from the chlorine in the school’s pool.

Because she enjoys being in the ocean or swimming pool, means she spends a lot time in the sun. This caused her to have freckles on her cheeks. You will always see Lagoona wearing ocean blue, she loves the color.

Lagoona Blue Monster High Lagoona-Blue-Original-Artwork-240x300

When she was younger she loved dancing, however her then friend Kala tied her shoe laces together when she was dancing in front of a large audience. When she realized that her shoe laces where tied she froze. This gave her an intense stage fright and she has never performed in front of an audience since then.

She is friends with everyone and Cleo, Ghoulia, Frankie, Clawdeen, Abbey and Draculaura are her closest friends. She hardly disagrees with anyone except for Toralei who mocked the fearleading team.  

Her favorite subject at school is oceanography, and her least favorite is Geology. Learning about volcanoes and deserts is her worst nightmare.

Like her friends, she has a pet, it is a piranha named Neptuna. She has a special purse that doubles as a fishbowl so she can secretly take him to class.

She hates it when people pollute the ocean. It is her home. 

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