Mega Bloks Monster High Frankie Stein's Electrifying Room Building Set

Frankie Stein

Frankie Stein “Stitched together with style”


Frankie Stein is the daughter of Frankenstein’s monster and his bride (Viveka and Viktor Stein). She came to unlife as a teenager, and therefore she is still a scary-bit naïve about the ways of the monster world. She may have the intelligence and physical capabilities of her born-age, but she does not have the appropriate life-experience.She gains a little knowlege from the Teen Scream magazine. Frankie is best friends with Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, Lagoona Blue, Abbey Bominable, Cleo de Nile, Deuce Gorgon Jackson Jekyll and Holt Hyde. She does have alot of crushes, her first crush was Deuce Gorgon but he was off limites as he was Cleo’s boyfriend. Then came Jackson Jekyll and then on his alter ego Holt, she realized she couldn’t choose between the two so she ended it. After thatshe has a crush on a Scottish gargoyle that plays football, then Brett Redding, briefly dated Billy Phaidin, had a crush on Neighthan Rot and then back to Brett. Her favourite hobby is sewing and has created life herself, such as Hoodude and the gingerbread boy.
Her pet’s name is Watzit and he is a dog hybrid her father stiched together from the parts of other animals. She also has five pet lab rats whom she calls the Glitterati, their names are Gwen, Gaga, Green Day, Girlicious and Ghost Face.

In “Bad Scare Day”, it is shown that, when her two bolts are switched from one side to the other, reversing her polarity, Frankie can attract objects with magnetic proportions.

Frankie can create fire at times too, mostly due to her telekinesis. She can do this by beaming electricity at flammable materials or by simply rubbing her hands.

Frankie can detach certain parts of her body and control them at distance, which she frequently does with her hand to reach tight places.

In “Boo Year’s Eve”, Frankie was able to stop time accidently, but then rewind certain people’s actions, confirming then Frankie’s ability to control time. Why she would have such power is unknown.

Monster High Vinyl Collection Frankie Stein Figure


They make great and cute display pieces. About 5 inches in height. Molded with modern technology. This immobile figure, is easily recognized, in her signature plaid outfit  and iconic tie that fans will recognize. The pose captures her unique personality. This small-scale doll is crafted in an innovative vinyl material and is fun to hold. Exaggerated features add monster effect, like a dramatic sweeping hairstyle and enlarged feet that show off her absolutely electrifying shoes. Voltageously bold and scary sweet, girls will love the killer look of this Monster High vinyl doll. Recommended age: 6 – 15 years.  

Monster High Vinyl Chase Frankie Figure


These are a hard to find limited print collection. This is a very unique idea for the vinyl doll, Frankie has the most beautiful shade of blue for her outfit and her body very cool silver hair as long as she is tall. This Frankie vinyl should be a part of every monster high collector and fans doll must have list. They sell faster than hot cakes so if you want one you better act now. 


Monster High Stylized Frankie Stein Plush


What I like about this doll is that the hair is made with ribbon. It’s so unique and different then any of the other “rag dolls” on the market. Her outfit look extremely close to the cartoons. Good attention to detail on both face and clothes.  



Monster High Original Favorites Frankie Stein Doll


If you missed out on the first original doll, here is your second chance.   Same doll just not in the wrap-around box. Each doll comes in their original outfit with pet, diary, brush and doll stand. Like the original dolls her arms can be taken off to make dressing easier. She seems so realistic, with the way she has been created to move at every joint.  


Monster High Secret Creepers Watzit Figure

Frankie-Stein-Vinyl-WatzitMonster High Secret Creepers Watzit Figure: Pets can be the best friends and the best secret keepers. The pets of the core Monster High ghouls have come to unlife to keep your secrets! Watzit, the scary cute sidekick of Frankie Stein, has a creepy cool secret-keeping feature: pop open its head to reveal a voice-recording brain. When the leash is on, use the recording mechanism to store a secret, then “unleash” to lock and keep your secret safe. The creature-specific collar also doubles as a bracelet for the girl, so it’s easy to carry and easy to conceal (not to mention spooktacularly stylish). When the creeper’s head is open and the leash is in, press its brain to hear the stored secret or connect its paws to that of another (others sold separately) and press the brain to share. The secret is transferred in animal speak – like an uncanine-like bark – so it can be listened to later in private. Activation is easy, but security high! Transfer secrets between your ghoulfriends while keeping the gossip hounds at bay! Collect them all to expand your secret-keeping capabilities. Ages 6 and older.  

Monster High Frankie Stein Deluxe Fashion Pack


The ghouls of Monster High are fiercely fashionable and love to rock a monster look. The clothing is relatively easy to put on and the shoes are made of a softer more pliable material so they’re easier to slip on and off of her feet. They are cute and give the dolls some personality. This deluxe fashion pack includes, a deep turquise stitch-printed t-shirt, a silver cog-printed skirt, a pair of mismatched lightning bolt wedges, a silver cog belt, a silver purse with cog-like handles, a plaid/cog patterned dress with spaghetti straps, a mis-matched silver/black/blue jacket, and a red tie necklace.  

Monster High Freaky Fusion Recharge Chamber Frankie Stein Doll and Playset


You clip Frankie into the coffin and that’s it. It lights up and gives some static electricity that makes her gorgeously ghoulish locks stand on end. However this only works on this doll as  she has a little bit of metal on the bottom of her feet to allow the static electricity to function properly.


Frankie-Stein-Recharge-Chamber-hair2Hair-Raising Fun
Coffin-inspired, the Recharge Chamber is all bzzz-ness with it’s crackling lightning bolt accents, pink translucent tubing, solid black base and windowed double doors. Open using the broken heart knob, and snap Frankie Stein doll upright inside the chamber (clips hold her in place). Then attach the accessories and press the Skullette button below the doors to spark up the hair-raising fun – Frankie Stein doll’s hair rises into a shocking style for a completely frightful look! (Works with 3 AA batteries; high humidity may affect performance. ) Lights in the chamber add a creepy cool effect as her long, color-streaked hair stands on end. (Lights flash at 2-43 cycles per minute. ) Once the story is played out, the chamber performs double duty as clawesome room decor! Press the Skullette button a second time to activate an uhhmazing light show so ghouls can relax and recharge too.  

Mega Bloks Monster High Frankie Stein’s Electrifying Room Building Set

Mega Bloks Monster High Frankie Stein's Electrifying Room Building Set

This is such a cool toy! It features Frankie and real working lights. Batteries are included and instructions are super easy. Frankie can create and control electricity, either accidentally or on purpose. Through her bolts, when she gets emotive, or through her body, mostly through her hands, Frankie can charge anything or shock anyone. She herself can be charged too, either by the Recharge Chamber from “Freaky Fusion” or simply by random flashes of electricity and lightning bolts.  Give Frankie a boost of much-needed energy when you put her on the electrifying bed, which features real, spooky lights. Build-able bedroom featuring swiveling bed with electrifying lights. Secret compartment opens to reveal a fashion accessory and a picture of Frankie’s pet Watzit. Accessories include laptop computer, iCoffin and bolt decorations. 

Classroom Playset And Frankie Stein Doll


The doll is beautiful! She’s sturdy and very unique looking and  seems to have a retro-50s look going on.  She comes with a plastic plushie version of Watzit, a pen and pad, an extra dress, stickers,  locker with working lock, “Frankie” apron,  brush and shoes. The survival guide has a very basic sewing pattern in the back for a simple dress sized for the Monster High girls. It can be used to teach the kids to sew, read (and modify) patterns, and draft their own. Wash her bangs when she comes out of the box, since the adhesive makes her hair seem very stiff, but once her hair is clean, it’s gorgeous.  I recommend this doll highly to fans. 

Monster High Freaky Fab Frankie Stein 100-Piece Wall Puzzle

Frankie-Stein-Classroom-Wall Puzzle

This wall puzzle is not square shaped, it has cut out effect cut, and measures approximately 24 in. x 36 in. It has ready to stick adhesive backs. So make sure where you want to put beforehand.  





Monster High 17″ Large Frankie Stein Doll



The 17″ girls are fabulous. Posing ability is phenomenal. She comes with her iconic outfit & a black stand. Does NOT include the brush.







Monster High Friends Plush Frankie Stein Doll


Absolutely adorable. The dolls are a very basic pattern, with cute little (fake) button eyes.  Frankie is cute has more of a British punk/Angus Young look going’ on. Great collectible/decor/mojo for not-too-dark, not-too-cheerleadish chicks. Includes Frankie Stein plush doll and Watzit plush pet. Age 6+  


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Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen  Wolf


Her full name is Clawdeen Lucia Wolf. The daughter of the Werewolf and the sister of five brothers and one sister. She is only 15 and dreams of being a famous fashion designer and she has the talent to make it big. She prides herself as the “The Alpha Wolf of Style”. She keeps up-to-date with all of the latest fashion trends as you can see in her dress style. Her parents own a bed & breakfast

Clawdeen has a pet cat that is named Crescent and he amazingly spooky soft purple fur.  He is very protective and can be very tough when need be.

Her birthday to be on April 30th according to Twitter, and in the Monster High Books it is on October 30th, the day before Halloween


She has tan skin, wolf ears with two golden looped ear-rings, protruding fangs and fantastic long auburn curly hair (lots of it). She has bright yellow eyes with dark purple eye shadow. She has an athletic build. She is always dressed in the latest fashion.  Clawdeen loves to do two things, shopping and flirting.


Clawdeen Wolf is a loyal friend and her two best friends are Draculaura and Frankie. Draculaura, is her brother’s girlfriend. In the past she’s had her differences with Cleo but fortunately these differences have now been sorted out.



She has a warm and generous heart. Clawdeen Wolf has a strong sassy attitude and is strong willed and doesn’t give up easily Her favorite color is gold Clawdeen loves shopping and flirting with the boys.

Her favorite school subject is economics as she wants to own a successful fashion empire.  Her least favorite school subject it gym, although she does playing different sports.



Here Clawdeen is in her baseball pinstriped  with mesh sleeves uniform that include, white knee socks, kicks and Monster High baseball cap. She has a coffin-shaped purple sport bag where she keeps her bone bat, translucent mitt and creepy “eye” ball. 

Like all teenagers she loves to party and dance. She loves to dress up for the occasion and changing her hair length and color as you can see below.




Here she is posing with her iCoffin phone, purse, dance invitation and character photos. 



Monster High Skull Shores Ghoulia, Frankie, Clawdeen, Cleo De Nile & Draculaura Set of 5


Clawdeen and a few friends, Ghoulia, Frankie, Cleo De Nile and Draculaura.  

Coffin Bean and Clawdeen Wolf Doll Playset



Clawdeen and the other monster high friends like to hang out at the Coffin Bean after school.  


Plush Clawdeen Wolf Doll



Clawdeen comes with lush yarn hair in two colors, fur collar, painted on clothing details, and her pet. Great for those who cannot yet play with the action dolls (Goth Barbies).  


Monster High Social Spots Student Lounge Accessory



The student lounge is the place to catch-up on the latest goulish news. The  game table works, twirl the rods to watch the zombies kick around a brain ball.  The web-decorated vending machine has doors that open and close. Ghouls who are dead tired can relax on the spooktacular sofa and chase their GFFs with the laptop or iTomb.  

Clawdeen Wolf Fashions Pack




Featured in animal print coat, zipper skirt and portfolio case. Love the shoes and the zipper skirt. 



Day at the Maul Fashions Gift Set




Spending the day at the maul needs that special bootiful look. This set has outfits for Draculaura, Frankie  and Clawdeen. 


Clawdeen Wolf Girls Wig




Complete your Clawdeen look with this wig. It needs to be hand washed but Clawdeens mane always needs special care.



Clawdeen Wolf Costume





Includes skirt, belt, choker and  jacket with attached shirt. The wig and ears do not come with the costume.







Fang-Tastic Locker



The locker has a true lock that works and  it has a built-in mirror, jewelry rack, and white board.  It comes with a ton of stickers, even puffy ones, for locker decorating. 


Secret Creepers Sweet Fang Figure


Pop open their heads to reveal creepy cool secret-keeping features. Leash doubles as a bracelet for the girl!


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